From residential projects to commercial design and woodworking projects, we can create quality plans.

Taught by two great Architects/Drafters our standards have always been high. Attention to detail, codes and wording, we strive for the best product production from the beginning. There are no shortcuts taken, or possibility left unexplored with regards to each project. We draft our projects to meet the highest of standards. Substituting anything else just won’t cut it.

Building, accessibility, fire and electrical codes have mostly all been memorized. The greatest difference between regurgitative and implemented memorization, is the ability to quickly understand which codes become obsolete due to another one having overriding priority. The simplest examples are standard building practices being adjusted to accommodate the needs of the disabled. This knowledge and ability to implement them quickly is what may be the difference between an easy or painful project.

The following is a short rundown of drafting services offered:

  • Convert older pen/pencil drawings to electronic media
  • Convert hand sketches to CAD drawings
  • As-built drawings - draft into existing CAD files alteration/add-ons having occurred during building process
  • As-built drawings - measure, assess, and draft existing construction with or without previous technical documentation
  • Sections, elevations, and details

Web Development

Coding by hand may not be to everyone’s liking, but sometimes you just have to dig through it all.

The ability to quickly pick apart code, adjust parameters and fix the issues are qualities that every website coder should have. Even with the most complex set of codes, a simple overlooked mistake can mean the difference between an empty page and that of an entire design.

We are able to provide you with the most common sets of website language coding: HTML, CSS & PHP. With each design comes further education and expansion of the base knowledge already held.