CAD Software?

We use Autodesk's AutoCAD 2012 for all our drafting purposes with the ability to save for backwards compatibility with older versions of the software. We will make every attempt to offer you the file format that meets your needs and requirements.

"Standards" And "Codes"?

The codes and standards that we talk about and follow are set by different regulatory boards and groups. They each focus on specific things regarding how a building should be constructed or a website should be coded. They're a set of guidelines that are either recommended to be followed or are required to be. While we follow all state and federal laws regarding the structural design of each project, we don't always do the same with website code. The main reason behind this is that we code for all browsers and a few don't follow the recommendations, thus causing issues with the final product.

Custom Graphic Design?

We're sorry to say, but we don't offer graphic design as part of our services. We are able to give you simple logo designs, as seen on the main page of this site, that can be customized using a free online generator. If you're looking for more detailed custom graphics and logos, we recommend you contact Patricia Lupien, creator of Swiftriver Comics as she has far more experience and know-how to put your imagination into practice.

All Sites From Scratch?

No, we use templates from a variety of sources. They are always free and licensed in such a way as only requiring a simple link back to the creators web space. There are many sites that exist offering a wide range of templates in many different coding languages that a quick search on Google can help with. These templates allow for quick customizations and learning abilities for those who modify them.