To whom it may concern,

I graduated from Northern Maine Community College (NMCC) with an Associates of Applied Science in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design in the spring of 2009. I was hired shortly after finishing an extra semester that fall obtaining my 30-hour OSHA card, by Leasure Associates Inc. (LAI),, of South Portland, ME. The focus of my work at LAI was designing detailed concrete lift drawings for use by contractors in the heavy-construction industry with the AutoCAD MEP 2010 software. I quickly learned and applied the office standards while becoming familiar with the intricate details that accompanied the projects presented. When disputes between the contract and lift drawings occurred, I was able to accurately reference such sectional differences, with the lift drawings having been produced to show the true nature of the contracts intent.

Enclosed is my resume, from which I would like to highlight my achievements. During my time at NMCC, I built upon my drafting experience obtained during high school and gained proficient skills with Autodesk's latest version of AutoCAD 2008 and 2009. I have produced plans for machine parts, land surveys, and both residential and commercial buildings. Working at Leasure Associates Inc. has further increased the skill set I possess as I continued building and expanding on my previous experiences. Accuracy, precision and speed were required to meet the deadline demands as placed by the contractor, with little to no room for errors during the process of design. It was also required that I stay current with the newest releases of the AutoCAD software having to learn and adjust to the new changes on the fly.

Having worked in a fast pace, deadline crunching environment, I am certain that I can excel in the most demanding drafting & design environment. Possessing the knowledge and ability to perform using the AutoCAD software to my advantage, I am able to quickly produce detailed 2D & 3D drawings from broad contract drawings. Along with this knowledge, I have also obtained the know-how to design and maintain websites. I have been running and maintaining my own server that has been used by many, including LAI. A project’s contractor ran into technical issues with an FTP server they had been using, causing issues with information flow between trades. I was able to quickly duplicate their setup on my own server, allowing the continued flow of information from contractor to LAI and the other trade industries working on the same contract. Without this important resource, time would have been wasted between using emails and postal mailings to transfer the information, causing issues to compound without quick resolution.

These experiences have solidified not only my practical knowledge of AutoCAD software, but also my understanding of industry standards and their practices regarding proper construction design. I look forward to further discussing with you potential employment possibilities. I can be contacted by phone, 207-521-6374, Google Voicemail, 207-370-8223, or by email, [email protected].

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Robert J. Williams