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Reflection Log

Robert Williams

Mr. West

Work Study/Period 6/7

June 13, 2006


Reflection Log

            When I first came into the class, I had previous knowledge that the class would spend the last two periods of the day at a real work-site. I had also known that each student would be sent to a site that dealt with something that they had an interest in, whether it is culinary or something to do with engineering. As time went on, it became apparent that it would not be an easy class. It would take time and patience before anyone would be able to go out. Each member of the class would have to do some research on their selected field of study. Then there was the internet program of Bridges in which each student created an account and then their own personal profile in which to save their work. The program also ranked each of our abilities to show which was better developed and which ones would be able to be taken from job to job. It would also rank our personal beliefs of what was more important when in the workplace. As the weeks passed, the class began getting a bit impatient wanting to go out to a job and start getting some hands on experience. As we were given our placements, there was some jealousy due to some students getting placed at jobs that another person wanted. All in all, everyone became comfortable with each other and the types of jobs they were performing.

            Personally, after being placed at the Barrington Middle School Materials Lab, I couldn't have been happier. I was working under the guidance of a previous teacher, Mr. Topazio. At first the students were a bit hesitant about my presence, but soon began to warm up to me. I had been lucky in a way. My first week on the job had been the last week of the Quinta in which the Middle Schools schedule revolves around. The second week out began the start of the Second Quinta, which meant a new group of seventh graders during the sixth period as well as a new group of sixth graders during the seventh period during which I was there.

            My mentor was very open and accepting with my presence. I had been given what some might call odd jobs around the classroom, from putting a finish projects from the First Quinta to finishing putting them together. With each new Quinta came new groups of students, some were more open than others were, but each group was the same. Some needed more attention to paid to then others, while some needed more help with putting the projects together.

            As time went on, things started to seem as though they moved faster. Projects were being completed at a faster rate for the students. They seemed to be enjoying there experiences as much as I was while under the supervision of Mr. Topazio. This internship has helped me in more ways than can be described. Not only have I been able to get hands-on experience with working in a company, but also have been able to learn multiply tasks from which many different jobs would require. I have learned to be a student teacher, as well as a teacherís helper. I also feel as though everything that I have learned about during my time as an intern at the Middle School will leave a very unique perspective to be brought to any company that I may be looking into in the near future and farther along in my career.

            This portfolio shows all of the skills that I have developed and incorporated through my internship. Not only had I had experience using some of the tools that were available to me and the students in the class, but I had also learned how to use some of them more intricately when creating specialized projects. My experience at the job site goes farther than I had anticipated they would. At first I thought that I would just be there to assist Mr. Topazio in helping watch over his class. I had never given thought to being able to make any project of my own. I had had some knowledge that I would be finishing up some of the projects that had not been completely finished by the end of the Quintas.

            Even though the year has come to an end and I am forced to leave the workplace, I will still look back onto all that I have done. I will take every experience, good and bad, and turn them into something that will make my future work abilities better.