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During my time here at the Barrington High School, I have participated in the Work Study Program. For my part of the program, I worked at the Barrington Middle School in the Materials Lab. While there I was instructed to watch over Mr. Topazioís sixth and seventh grade classes.

I had also built a small Armoire completely from scratch. The only reference I had was a larger Armoire that had been built by a previous student in the Work Study Program.

I had originally wanted to shadow an architect at a local business here in Barrington. On their advice, I was instead placed at a work site in which I could get hands on experience working with the finished diagrams.

Thanks to this career change, I was able to experience many different career possibilities in which I was exposed to being a teacherís helper as well as a student teacher. This portfolio is a reflection o my time and effort that I have put into making the most of my work study experience.