Barack Obama wants to end the war in Iraq. He disapproved of it in 2002 and if elected, plans to withdraw troops. He wants to gradually remove the troops from Iraq and bring them home. They would like to remove 1-2 brigades a month, which would mean by summer of 2010 after 16 months, all the troops would be home. Barack Obama believes that America has both a moral obligation and a responsibility for security that insists we confront Iraq’s humanitarian crisis—He will provide at least $2 billion to expand services to Iraqi refugees in inside their own country so they can find sanctuary. Obama and Biden will also work with Iraqi authorities and the international community to hold the perpetrators of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide accountable. Obama believes any Status of Forces Agreement, or any strategic framework agreement, should be negotiated in the context of a broader commitment by the U.S. to begin withdrawing its troops and forswearing permanent bases.

As far as defense, he wants our military to be upgraded to the 21st century. He wants all the troops to be prepared for whatever tasks they have. He wants to get the National Guard and Reserves back on track. He wants to restore our alliances with other countries. He wants to ease the burden on military families by setting up a military assistance board. He also wants to make sure that the United States keeps it promise to veterans and soldiers. There has been a long battle with veterans getting their assistance and many wind up homeless.



John McCain wants to keep troops in Iraq. He strongly disagrees in bringing them home. He believes that our troops should stay until the Iraqi government is established and stable. He believes that we should stay until the Iraqi people can protect their own country. He believes that we should support the Iraqi elections. McCain believes that the U.S. is responsible to stay and help them rebuild.

He also believes that Iran and Syria should be watched and have international pressure put on them seeing as they have been a major cause of violence in Iraq.

McCain has a strong belief that the U.S. leaders should be honest to the American people. They should not try to cover everything up about the war and the country’s defenses.

McCain too believes that the military needs to be modernized. He also believes that it needs more people and to become larger. He believes that the burden on families should be lessened. He also wants to cut back on the amount of military spending. He believes that America does need to keep its commitments and promises to veterans.