Title(s): US Senator (D-IL)


Personal Information:

Full Name: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

Marital Status: Married

Birthdate: Aug. 4, 1961

Children: Two

Birthplace: Honolulu, HI

Religion: Member of United Church of Christ for 20+ years


  • US Senator (D-Illinois), 2005-present

  • Member, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee

  • Member, Foreign Relations Committee

  • Member, Veteran's Affairs Committee

  • Member, Environment and Public Works Committee, 2005-2006

  • Member, Illinois State Senate, 1997-2004


  • JD, Harvard University, 1991

  • BA, Columbia University, 1983

Affiliations and Memberships:

  • Attorney, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, 1993-2004

  • Former Teacher, Constitutional Law

  • Community Organizer, Chicago, 1985


  • Missed 182 votes (38.8%) during the current (110th) Congress and missed 185 of 1,098 votes (71%) since Jan. 6, 2005 (as of Feb. 15, 2008)

  • Barack Obama attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, the United Church of Christ's largest congregation. At a May 31, 2008 Press Conference in Aberdeen, SD, Obama announced that he and his wife were “withdrawing as members of Trinity because of “offensive statements” by church leadership including Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Select Publications:

  • Cowritten with Lisa Rogak, Barack Obama in His Own Words, 2007

  • The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, 2006

  • One Nation...Under God?”, Sojourners Magazine, Nov. 1, 2006

  • US Must Encourage Biofuel Revolution”, Chicago Sun Times, May 1, 2006

  • The Political Movement in Black America”, Ebony, Nov. 1, 2005

  • Veterans Should Be Priority”, Chicago Sun Times, Aug. 8, 2008

  • Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, 1995

Contact Information:

    Phone: 866-675-2008
    Fax: None Listed
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    Phone: 202-224-2854, DC Office
    Fax: 202-228-4260, DC Office
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Title(s): US Senator (R-AZ)

Personal Information:

Full Name: John Sidney McCain III

Marital Status: Married

Birthdate: Aug. 29, 1936

Children: 7

Birthplace: Panama Canal Zone, Panama (US Territory)

Religion: Baptist



  • US Senator (R-Arizona), 1987-present

  • Candidate, United States President, 200

  • National Security Adviser, Dole/Kemp Presidential Campaign, 1996

  • Representative, United States House of Representative, Arizona District 1, 1982-1986

  • Senate Navy Liaison, 1997-1981

  • Pilot, Caption, United States Navy, Vietnam, 1958-1981

  • Environmental and Energy Study Conference

  • National Republican Senatorial Committee

  • Co-Chair, Porkbusters Coalition

  • Senate Centrist Coalition

  • Senate Committee for American Indian College Fund

  • Senate Co-Chair, National Security Caucus

  • Senate Steering Committee

  • Senate Wilderness Committee

  • Vietnam Veterans in Congress


  • National War College, 1973-1974

  • BS, United States Naval Academy, 1958

Affiliations and Memberships:

  • Member, Council on Foreign Relations, 1997-present

  • Founding Member, Pacific Council on International Policy, University of South California, 1995-present

  • Board of Directors, Board of Directors Chair, International Republican Institute, 1992-present

  • Member, Purple Heart Association

  • Member, Sons of the Revolution in the State of Virginia

  • Honorary Member, Board of Directors, Council of Notables, US-Spain Council

  • Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars

  • Member, Vietnam Veterans Association

  • Honorary Co-Chairman, Advisory Board of Directors, Arizona Cancer Research Foundation

  • Member, The Military Order of the World Wars


  • Missed 261 votes (55.7%) during the current (110th) Congress and missed 592 of 3720 votes (16%) since Jan. 22, 1997 (as of Feb. 15, 2008)

  • Prisoner of War, North Vietnam, 1967-1973

Contact Information:

   Phone: 703-418-2008
    Fax: None Listed
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    Phone: 202-224-2235
    Fax: 202-228-2862
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